Certificate of Residency

A certificate of residency is a certificate which certifies the fact of residency taking a particular person in the sense that a concerned person actually resides or belongs to a particular place or country as is certified in the residency certificate. These certificates hold a very significant importance in the field of taxation and citizenship. […]

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of registration is an important document which works as a title of ownership to place or the situation where there is a need to prove the title of ownership. Certificate of registration is issued to all those persons who own the material or movable/immovable property In fact these days the certificate of registration is […]

Free Printable Certificate Of Baptism

We are the one people under a one roof of the God the only thing that prevails down there is that, we are divided under various kinds of religions worldwide yet we worship the same trait of humanity. As we are divided under the different religions and these religions have their own rituals or the […]

Sample Certificate Of Incumbency

There are the certificates which are issued by the certain corporate, and other organization’s in order to confirm the vested post of these organizations with their employees, which entitles those employees official to get into the contract on behalf of the company, and make a legal and binding transactions on behalf of the company. In […]

Making a Certificate of Trust Form

The trust law has been into the existence since the ancient time and for their different and unique recognition from the other financial bodies, such as the banks, the trust bodies still hold their own importance. The trust bodies enjoy the legal rights and the existence, and if we talk about these trust bodies in the […]

Certificate of Merit

Merit means being excellent or worthiness at one’s job. If we try to understand the term “Merit” we will come to conclusion that merit means the excellence or the worthiness that an individual achieved because of his work in particular field or job. If we look at the verb meaning of the merit it means […]

Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)

Renting or hiring anything means getting some services, things, objects, property for any particular period of time and employ that thing or object into ones use. The rented things are owned by any other individual or organization. The term rent has different meaning in different prospects. If you see it through the law then it […]

Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation

A Certificate is the document proof that is given to any party in case of any achievement by that party; any changes occurred in particular organization, birth certificate, death certificate etc. So, basically certificate is the physical proof of any kind of achievement or changes occurred, that officially recognized the changes or something that has […]

Certificate of Residence

A Certificate of residence is issued to the residents of the country specifying that the particular person/individual is officially the resident of that particular country. There are many benefits of issuing a certificate of residents. It helps in identification of the individual; this certificate can be claimed as the identity proof of the place where […]

Certificate of service

A Certificate of Service is a certificate all set by the party submitting any document that verifies that a replica of the document has been accurately given to the opposing party. Very few people know, but there is a difference between the degree and a certificate. A certificate is more often than not two years or less […]