Certificate of Authority

Certificate of Authority is a business based certificate, which need to maintain by a business sector when a company wants to extend their business beyond it’s home state. It is granted by the foreign state, to where the business is going to established. A certificate of authority is usually granted through the Secretary of the state. A business can be subject to penalty, if found operating without proper authority. Each state has a different procedure but the business must be fulfill the basic requirements, which are

  • The basic information on which business is based.
  • Registered agent in the foreign state.
  • Certificate of Insurance from it’s home state.

Certificate of Authority NY

Companies are required to register with the New York Department of State before doing business in New York. Any business that sales goods online or offline has legally approved to collect the sale taxes from the customer, which has to paid to the government of New York later. You can buy goods without paying the sale taxes, if you plan to resale it.

To open a office, to begin a new contract and to hire employees of that residence the business must have to apply for the certificate authority in New York.

In order to obtain the Certificate of authority NY, you will submit an Application for Certificate of Authority, along with required certificates or certified copies from your home state.

There is a proper well defined fee structure available in New York official website, in accordance with which all business establish. These are

   Business type                                                                        fees amount

  • Corporation                                                                              $225
  • Limited liability company                                                             $250
  • Non-profit corporation                                                                 $135
  • Professional corporation                                                               $200

After all these you need a register agent with a physical address, which belongs to the foreign state. The register agent operates the service of process and the Government notice on behalf of the business. Listing our local registered agent address on your certificate of authority application meets the state’s requirements. Additionally, you get same day document scanning from our local office in all 50 states and DC. Our registered agent service is a flat rate of $99 per year, and you can easily add our service to any certificate of authority order.

What is certificate of Authority

Certificate of authority give us the right to establish in a new state as well as right to collect the taxes from the customer, which has to paid to government later on. You and your agency want to do business in non-resident states.  You file the insurance licensing application for an agency and the state sends you a letter asking for verification of your Certificate of Authority.


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