Certificate of Citizenship

Certificates are generally used to prove something about a person or about an organization. It helps in prove of your ability. Certificate of citizenship proves that you are the citizen of a particular country and complete all the process of citizenship. Certificate of citizenship proves that you are authorized to work, live, travel, and a part of election process in that country in which you live. It help in also travel from country to country and making visa.

Certificate of Citizenship


Some country has some rules and regulation in order to keep their country safe from the terrorist activities. For this every country has make some rules or laws to recognize the people, which belongs to their country. To escape from this scenario every country provides a certificate of citizenship to the people of the country, which proves that this person belongs to this country. It is known as certificate of citizenship. It is provide to every single person of that country poor, rich, educated, uneducated, lower cast, upper cast, normal and physically handicapped. Through this certificate you can also get some facility provided by the country. it allows us to use government property of the country instead of paying some percentage of money from your salary as income tax to the country. Some country like Israel, US, Russia, India, Australia etc has strong rule and laws for this certificate of citizenship.

Application For Certificate of Citizenship

Although we have discussed earlier, there are many rule and regulation followed by this certificate of citizenship. so every country has kept some different type of characteristic and criteria for this certificate. The combination of all this criteria in one single paper know as Application form certificate of citizenship.

There are a example of application form of certificate of citizenship. In which there are several columns are presents for name, ph.no, address, work place, language, profession,

Date of birth, signature, any type of identity card. There are two application form in the above

  • The citizenship certificate of US, which allows to us to live in US without any hesitation.
  • The second one is the birth certificate of India, which allows at the time of birth to become a citizen in India.There are different application for different country defined in accordance with its rules and regulation.

US certificate of citizenship

US certificate of citizenship is a status that describes three words


Right word indicates towards the country duties towards its country people. Whatever the facility provide country for his country people comes under the right of the people. People have the ability or capacity to get it.

  • Freedom to reside and work
  • Freedom to enter and live the US
  • Voting
  • Freedom to stand for public office
  • Right to apply government employment
  • Freedom to pursue life and liberty.


  • Military participation
  • Voting
  • Income taxes
  • Participates in democratic process.
  • Respect rules and regulation and federal process
  • Give your opinion.


  • Protection from terrorist.
  • Use government properties.
  • Establish your own business.
  • Transportation independently.
  • Protection from deportation.

US certificate of citizenship

In the above we provide the site for creating US certificate of citizenship through online.

The above picture is known as passport of US. Which is another form of citizenship certificate, which helps in travelling country to country to country, and going out from the country and coming in the country.

To collect more information about this certificate go through the link below.

Official link for US citizenship certificate

Certificate of citizenship Vs Naturalization certificate

There are many types of people live in a country, many for some short interval and many for some long interval. SO there are different criteria for different type of people. Hence in order to get the certificate of citizenship there are two process

  • Naturalization process

It is a process which is followed by the US people, which are born in US. It is the end of issue where an adult applies for US citizenship at the end of process. This application generally include the people which are born in US or which have parents as US citizen.

There is a form named Form N-400” through which you can apply  for certificate of naturalization. A application for naturalization certificate consist of following criteria-

  • Complete name
  • Marital status
  • Place of residence
  • Photograph
  • Signature of applicant
  • Date f birth, sex and profession.


  • citizenship process

It is the process in which you are permit to live in the respective country. A certificate of citizenship is applicable for those people who are not born in US and who are not gone through Naturalization process. This is a rare process mainly for children of US citizen residing abroad who did not automatically get us citizenship. When they take oath to become a US citizen, they get a Certificate of citizenship.

Certificate of citizenship Vs Naturalization certificate

There are a form named Form N-600” in US through which you can apply for citizenship certificate. There are certain criteria posses by this certificate which are defined as

  • Complete name.
  • Marital status.
  • Country of birth.
  • Photograph
  • Place of residence
  • Signature
  • Date of birth
  • Height, sex and profession.
  • Citizenship certificate of you country of birth.

Certificate of citizenship number

Certificate of citizenship is a ID which defines that we are belonging here. And it has some characteristic as we discussed in the above. So each certificate has some unique ID no. through which it can recognize, to which person it belongs. It is vary from person to person. US citizen and immigration service (USCIS) is a board, which work on the certificate of citizen, and provide certificate to the people. This certificate no. is  also mention in the passport for the verification process.

Certificate of citizenship number


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