Certificate of Formation

Many privatization business sectors want to extend their business to some great extent that means they want to establish their company in a new socialization in order to increase their margin level. The certificate of formation provides by the state government of the respective area, where you want to extend your business. Certificate of formation is a legal document for you Limited Liability Company (LLC) in order to get approval from the state government to open your business in that area.

 Certificate of formation

Certificate of Formation Sample

Certificate of formation sample varies from place to place with the government requirement. The content of the certificate, the design and the structure also varies. The requirements in order to get the certificate of the formation are…

Certificate of Formation Sample


  • Name of the state.
  • Business code where the entity is organized.
  • Company name.
  • Company legal address.
  • Registered Agent name and address.
  • Registered agent consent of appointment.
  • Quantity of authorized shares of stock.
  • Value of the shares of stock.
  • Main purpose of the business.
  • Name and address of the initial board of directors.
  • Name and address of the Incorporator.
  • Signature of the incorporator.

To collect more template of certificate of formation, go through the link below….

PDF format

The application form of the certificate of the formation consists of 4 parts…

  • Entity name and type.
  • Registered agent and registered office.
  • Government authority.

 What is Certificate of Formation

Certificate of formation of company is a legal document for approval of opening of a company from the respective state government. Somehow it is used as a license. The certificate of formation can be filled through online. It gives us a great platform to extend our business internationally. In New Jersey like country it will take three to ten working days to get the certificate of formation after fill it online. The payment needed to be paid to the state Government for the profitable business is 125 dollar and for domestic business is 75 dollar in order to get the certificate of formation.

 What is Certificate of Formation





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