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Certificate of ordination is leading to a process in which, an individual dedicate himself to perform various religious rites and ceremonies. The process of ordination varies from religious to religious.

Certificate of Ordination for Pastor

The term pastor means the person or a clergyman who serves a local church or parish. There is a man has been called or prepared by the God for vocational ministry in the office of elder in the local church. Then the following procedures maintain in order to help a church proceed confidently and carefully in the ordination process. The local church is encouraged to examine the candidate:

  • By the leadership of the ordaining church.
  • By the members of the ordaining church.
  • By a pre-ordination committee.
  • By an ordination council composed of messengers from other CBA churches.

All actions of the church recognizing the call of God in the candidate’s life must be officially recorded by the church. In assisting a candidate to prepare for the ordination process, the counsel of a pre-ordination committee may be requested. The purpose of the pre-ordination committee is to assist the candidate in the preparation of a written doctrinal statement, to help him in his oral defense of the document, and to give aid and counsel to the local church. The pre-ordination committee shall:

  • Review the candidate’s general qualifications: conversion, call, and character. The ordaining church should appoint three to six people from its membership to meet with the pre-ordination committee. These members should be able to attest to the candidate’s character, business and family relationships as well as his ability to communicate the Word of God.
  • Assess his doctrinal strength by reviewing his doctrinal statement with him.
  • Assist the local church in the ordination process.


There are some requirements for the pastor position right below. This credential may be issued to male candidates who

  • Are involved in local church ministry, with some exceptions,
  • Have been called and gifted for ministry, which has been recognized and affirmed by the local church,
  • Are within the third year of having been granted a Ministry License, or anytime thereafter.
  • Have attained the level of theological proficiency, whether through formal or non-formal means,
  • Have been approved by a district council (DBOMS) and BOMS, and
  • Have been publicly and corporately recognized in a church service, in which the service consists of laying on of hands and praying over by the leadership of the local church and the District Superintendent or representative as the credential is presented to the candidate.

The candidate for this credential must have a Ministry License, and be within the third year of ministry after obtaining it, or anytime thereafter.

Certificate of Ordination PDF

There are different process maintain for different religion. There are many different types of certificate of ordination present right below. In accordance with your need click on the given link for download the certificate of ordination PDF form…

Download the PDf for the certificate of ordination

Download PDF for more information on certificate of ordination

  What is Certificate of Ordination

The official definition of Ordination is the process by which individuals are consecrated. Ordained ministers have been empowered to perform sacerdotal duties as defined by a select church doctrine. To perform various religious ceremonies or rites you have to be ordained through a legal church who has accepted you as a spiritual leader within their organization.



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