Certificate of Excellence

We humans are always looking for the appraisal from others. It is the human emotional need that we always craved for. Any task accomplished by any particular individual, they always look for some kind of appreciation, acceptance and respect from others. This is so common, because we evolve like that and this has become the […]

Certificate of Resale

The certificate of resale, which allows the resale of a taxable property in accordance with the laws and regulation of that respective area.  States that allows for resale of property either accept a state issued resale certificate or a multi-state certificate. A business which is registered for resale and use tax can use a resale […]

Certificate of Achievement

In order to recognize the achievement of someone on your team certificate of achievement template the best thing ever. Achievement award plays a vital role in office/business sector. It creates inspiration inside the employee body. Change the look using built-in Word themes on the Design tab of the ribbon in Word. A certificate of achievement is of two […]

Free Sample Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of appreciation is generally tends to a document, which is basically an award given to a person for his talent or an organization for it’s talent and hard work. It can be use in any field to congratulate them for their excellent work. It is a form of gratitude from a boss to its […]

Certificate of Good standing

Certificate of good standing is verify that the new business and startup that we have paid all dues and have opened is authorized and follow all the terms and condition of the state.  At some extent it is equivalent with the certificate of authorization. When a corporation or limited liability company is involved in a […]

Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of recognition is a legal document authorized by a Government employee, the in charge of the company, owner of the firm, employer of the company. The skill of a particular person or an organisation is determine through the certificate of the recognition. The certificate of recognition is a respect for the people for their […]

Certificate of Training

Certificate of training is the certificate which indicates the completion of the training under a leader or mentor in a particular field. It is given by the leader or mentor, under which the trainer is working. You have to submit all the hard copies of the document that are required according to the leader.  It […]

Certificate of employment

Certificate of Employment is the type of document issued by a designated Government authority that the named contractor has fulfilled the requirements of receiving and performing a particular contact. The certificate of competency is issued to the people, who has successfully completed certain national boating licenses or has passed an examination to prove the necessary […]

Certificate of Rehabilitation

The granting of a Certification of rehabilitation restores to the applicant some of the rights of citizenship which were forfeited as a result of a conviction. Certificate of Rehabilitation Sample There are some predefined steps, which you have to follow in order to get the certificate of rehabilitation sample. These steps are….. Step-1: Obtain the criminal […]

Certificate of Project

Every work in a professional life is a project. Some are small and some are big project. When a manager complete his/her project by the help of it’s employee s/he certified by the certificate of project from the director or secretary of the respective organization. The attachment of the certificate of project in your professional […]