Certificate of Proficiency

A Certificate of Proficiency is a course of study that provides an overall certificate from the College that generally leads to a new career or enhances a person’s skill set to make him/her more productive and marketable.

Certificate of Proficiency

In order to get Certificate of Proficiency, students must complete 30 credits of an approved career program and will usually consist of 24 credits in the career specialty and 6 credits in general education. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and at least 6 credit hours must be in courses that are awarded grade points. The Certificate of Proficiency provides students with the opportunity to supplement their current knowledge before proceeding to advanced study, or to obtain a small number of courses in specific areas of interest without enrolling in a formal qualification. Students may take admission in a course as a certificate of proficiency, if the students want to increase their knowledge on a specific field, before entering into postgraduate study or they have been advised that it is an entry requirement for their higher study. You can download the certificate of proficiency application from the link given below.

Download the certificate of proficiency.

Many times many information confuse students about the certificate of proficiency and hoe to apply it, and what is it’s important. There is a link right below, it is the guidelines for candidate for applying for the certificate of proficiency.

How to apply

Certificate of proficiency in English

Certificate of proficiency in English ensure that u have a depth knowledge in English. There are many exams conduct by different country for the students, who have come from other country for study purpose. It focuses on level c2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This exam has been conducting since 1953. This is a mutual collaboration between University of Michigan and University of Cambridge. There are many country provide different types of exam. The exams are


  • ILETS (International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
  • TOEIC (Test Of English For International Communication)
  • TELC (The European Language certificates)
  • CRE (Common requirement Examination)
  • LPAT (Language Proficiency Assessment Teacher)

There is a well defined exam format for these above exams. There are 4 steps listening, reading, speaking and writing.

SL. NoProcess of the examTime intervalQuestion types
  1Listening(30-35) minPart 1 (15 multiple-choice questions)

Part 2 (20 multiple-choice questions)

Part 3 (15 multiple-choice questions)

  2Vocabulary and       Reading75 minGrammar section (40 multiple-choice questions)

Cloze (20 multiple-choice questions)

Vocabulary (40 multiple-choice questions)

Reading (20 multiple-choice questions)

  3Writing 30 min
  4Speaking(30-35) minSpeaking English test.

For the above exams there is a well defined marking or passing system. The deadline of the mark in order to pass in the exam is right below…..

Score bandScore
Honors (H)840–1,000
Pass (P)750–835
Low Pass (LP)650–745
Borderline Fail (BF)610–645
Fail (F)0–605

An ECPE qualification is valid for life. It is accepted by many universities as proof of proficiency in English if it was received within the last two years. However, language ability changes over time, therefore, organizations are advised to consider a test taker’s experience with English since they took the test in addition to their test scores.

Certificate of proficiency in English

Certificate of Proficiency Sample

It includes mainly the example of the certificates of proficiency. It belongs to the template of the certificate and their design. We provide some example and PDF form of the certificate of the proficiency, you can download them….


Certificate of Proficiency Sample

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