Certificate of Project

Every work in a professional life is a project. Some are small and some are big project. When a manager complete his/her project by the help of it’s employee s/he certified by the certificate of project from the director or secretary of the respective organization. The attachment of the certificate of project in your professional carrier brings a lot of respect for you and creates a benchmark in your skills and potential. Now a day there is a high demand of the manager, who has certificate of project.

 certificate of project

Certificate of Project Completion

It is a Sample letter format of requesting completion certificate for project. Project completion letter sample format can help those who want to save their time in choosing the right words for the right purpose. Feel free to use it.

Certificate of Project Completion

Certificate of project completion can add value to any program—from kindergarten classrooms to management meetings, from Boy Scout troops to martial arts studios. It is often offered for …

  • project management programs
  • professional development courses
  • advanced program training
  • short term training
  • various degree and certificate programs

Besides this the certificate of project completion also is also provided in software skill, technical skill, Business Entrepreneurship, Artist and design course. The certificate must mention the following details.

  • Date of project commencement
  • Date of the work completion
  • The cost paid
  • Name of the principal parties involved in the project.
  • Nature of the work – Commercial building, residential or a road construction project,
  • Signature and Name of the signing authority
  • Certificate issued date

Certificate of Project Sample

Every professional work can be considers as a project. So it has a wide use along with application. As it is being used in different field so the content and the structure of the certificate of project varies field to field in accordance with the terms and condition. There is a example of certificate of project right below..

Certificate of Project Sample

This is to certify that the project entitled, “Project Title” submitted by “Your Name” in partial    fulfillment      of the requirements for the award of “Name of Diploma/Degree” in “Name of stream” at the “Name of institution” is an authentic work carried out by him under my supervision and guidance.

To the best of my knowledge, the matter embodied in the project has not been submitted to any other University / Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma.

(Project Guide Name)
(Designation, Name of Institution)

What is Certificate of Project

The Certificate in Project is a distinctive document that helps employee become more accomplished, qualified, and effective managers in their respective fields. Mainly the certificate of project shows two things, these are….

  • It shows you care enough about project management as a career to go through the effort (and cost) of applying, studying and often sitting for an exam.
  • It shows that you have knowledge about a particular approach to project management.

What is Certificate of Project

Many certifications require candidates to keep their qualifications up-to-date through a program of continuous professional development or by sitting a refresher exam at some point in the future. This certificate is valuable because it means you continue to progress in your knowledge and it needs qualification as well as performance of the applicant.





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