Certificate of Registration

Certificate of registration is an important document which works as a title of ownership to place or the situation where there is a need to prove the title of ownership. Certificate of registration is issued to all those persons who own the material or movable/immovable property

In fact these days the certificate of registration is issued even to the intangible or the intellectual properties.

These certificates of registration are issued at the time of sale of the things when a sellers sales the certain property or the goods to the buyer then the buyer is provided with the certificate of the registration, along with the property or good that the buyer might be buying .

In today’s topic we are going to discuss about these certificate of registration at the various aspects.

Certificate of Registration Car

Certificate of Registration Car

Whenever there is made any sale of the car from the company to any buyer the company along with selling the car to the customer issues a certificate of registration.

This certificate of registration works as a proof of ownership that a particular model of the car belongs to a certain customer, so that if tomorrow arises any legal proceedings then the owner of the car can prove his/her ownership for that car.

The certificate of registration includes some standard information about the car which is being sold along with the name and the address of the buyer who is buying the car

Company Certificate of Registration

Company Certificate of Registration

A company is an artificial legal person but only after it comes into the legal existence once the company full fills all the legal requirements. A company which is being planned by its promoters to get into the existence, that company has to be registered first with the company law.

After that registration the company is issued a certificate of registration which provides the legal, and the separate existence to the company from the members of the company.
This certificate is issued to the company and called as certificate of registration.

Certificate of Registration of Marriage

Company Certificate of Registration

A marriage is one of the biggest social merging or the legal bonding between two persons. The marriage is a kind of domestic contract between two persons who accept themselves as a husband wife for each other. Under the marriage laws act every marriage is mandatory to be registered under this law and from there the marriage is issued with certificate of registration of marriage from the magistrate.

This certificate certifies the fact that the two concerned persons are now legally known as the husband and the wife

Certificate of Registration Check


This is another kind of certificate which works or provides the certificate to the fact that a particular property has been registered under the particular person’s name.

In other words if you need to prove the authenticity of your certificate of registration then you may apply to the particular company to check the authenticity of your certificate of registration.

After checking the facts if the company finds your certificate of registration to be authentic, then the company will prove it with the issuance of another certificate in that regard. That is known as the certificate of registration check

Real Estate Certificate of Registration

Real Estate Certificate of Registration

This certificate is issued to the every owner of the real state. If you are planning to buy a real estate property from anyone then such transfer needs to be legally registered under the transfer of property act.

After the completion of the due process of transferring the property the buyer of the property will be issued a certificate of registration which will prove the ownership of such person to the concerned real estate.

Certificate of Registration Florida

Under the state of Florid United States if you are making any kind of sale or the transfer of anything, which needs to be duly registered under the respective department then you first have to register yourself under the such department and only after that you will be provided the ownership title, for any such thing.

It may be the transfer of the tax ID or any other thing it needs to be registered, and then the certificate of registration will be generated under the name of the concerned person which will provide the ownership fact.

Hazardous Material Certificate of Registration

Hazardous Material Certificate of Registration

The hazardous material safety department US has made it mandatory for every transporter who is in business of carrying the hazardous material from one place to the other is required to obtain the certificate of registration under her/his name.

This certificate of registration helps the department to trace as to where the hazardous material is actually being taken and who is holding the ownership of such carriage.

FDA Certificate of Registration

It is mandatory in the United States for every company who is making the medical devices either in the commercial use or for the government sector owned hospital needs to be registered under the FDA.

The same thing is applicable for the medicine manufacturing companies they also need to be registered under the FDA from there they will be granted a certificate of registration. This certificate of registration will hold their identity in the legal term


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