Certificate of Rehabilitation

The granting of a Certification of rehabilitation restores to the applicant some of the rights of citizenship which were forfeited as a result of a conviction.

Certification of rehabilitation

Certificate of Rehabilitation Sample

There are some predefined steps, which you have to follow in order to get the certificate of rehabilitation sample. These steps are…..

  • Step-1: Obtain the criminal records.

It includes the collection of all the information about the criminal. The information that you have to collect are the reason of conviction, the releasing date, the time period of conviction, the address of the convict, their family background.

  • Step-2: Confirm your eligibility.

There is a list of condition for the eligibility of certificate of rehabilitation. These are

  • You are currently in military services.
  • You were sent prison for a death sentences.
  • You are not on probation for any other felony.

Step-3: Complete the required forms.

There are some template right below. Go through the links to get more template on certificate of rehabilitation….

PDF format of Form 1

PDF format of form 2

You have to submit the two forms present above in PDF form for the completion of certificate of rehabilitation.

  • Step-4: Make copies of the document.

According to the application form you have to submit the document as a proof. Two-hole punch the top of the original, and staple each copy, and place the two copies underneath the original of each document.

  • Step-5: File your document.

There is no filing fee for filing these documents. The court will assign a hearing date, time, and department, and note these on the Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon (FORM 2), or otherwise notify you of the hearing date. The court clerk will stamp and return the copies of the Petition to you.

  • Step-6: Serve Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Certificate of Rehabilitation Sample

This is done by providing each person with a copy of the Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon

What is Certificate of Rehabilitation

A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a document issued by the court under penal code section that attests to your rehabilitation since your conviction of a felony for which you served state prison time or for a particular sex misdemeanor.

What is Certificate of Rehabilitation


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